There Were Primaries Yesterday: And while the teabaggy spawn of Ron Paul cleaned up in Kentucky, the message seemed to be more anti-incumbent than anti-any-one-party.

But Still: Suck it, Specter.

Meanwhile, in Thailand: Protest leaders surrender, saying they don't want any more death, but pockets of protest still continue.

You've Been Sanctioned, MoFo: Major powers agree on sanctions for Iran.

North Versus South: South Korea says North Korea sank their warship. What do they do now?

Things Aren't Improving in Afghanistan: Taliban forces attack a U.S. base.

Alleged Times Square Bomber-Wannabe Allegedly Tried to Bomb Times Square: Faisal Shahzad has been charged with attempted terrorism, which sounds like a Steve Gutenberg comedy from 1986.

Things Are Looking Up: Washington added almost 6000 jobs last month, lowering unemployment to 9.2%.

Welcome to 2002: King County to create high-data website for city government.

Facebook Woes: They're reportedly discussing privacy at Facebook HQ, even as Pakistan blocks Facebook over a let's-draw-Muhammad kerfluffle.

They're Gonna Be the Next AOL: Yahoo to buy Associated Content, which means they've cornered the market on bland, forgettable internet pap.

Lock Up Your Pick-a-Nick Baskets: Bear on the loose in Tacoma.

Meanwhile, the Entertainment World Still Proves to Be an Oasis of Sanity: Justin Bieber nominated for Black Entertainment TV Award.

And now, your Daily Muppet: