Welcome to the next-to-last LOST Discussion Group ever (unless you guys would like to get together to hash over old episodes of Deep Space Nine). Last night's episode was entitled "What They Died For" and of COURSE we didn't find out what they died for! THIS IS LOST!! However, there were plenty shenanigans to talk about, so let's get to it! As always, check out my SPOILERISH discussion topics/questions after the jump—but feel free to gab about whatever you like. In three... two... one... LET'S TALK LOST!!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... oh-weema-way, oh-weema-way!
  • "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... oh-weema-way, oh-weema-way!"

1) Soooo... what the fuck did they die for? (And we are talking about Sun and Jin, right? Or Sun and Jin and everybody else who has croaked so far?)
2) I am ashamed to say that when sideways Locke returned to school, and Desmond was sitting in the car watching him, I was loudly chanting, "RUN... HIM... DOWN! RUN... HIM... DOWN!"
3) Any clues on how sideways Desmond and island Desmond are going to come together? And how will Jack and the gang use Desmond as a killing weapon against Smocke?
4) Ugly Tina Fey is dead! Ugly Tina Fey is dead! (I know "what she died for"—for annoying me to death!!)
5) Sawyer wonders if he is responsible for killing Sun and Jin—and the answer is DUH!!
6) Loved all the scenes with Locke and Ben who was kickin' some old-school evil!
7) When Jack hopped up to volunteer to be the chosen one, everybody else should've yelled, "SIDDOWN, BROWN NOSER!" (Besides, there's no way Jack is going to turn out to be the chosen one by the end. Got any guesses who the real one might be?)
8) And again, Jacob, if you're going to say, "I'm going to tell you what they died for," then you may want to tell them what they died for!
9) Whew! Okay. What did you think of this episode? Love it? Hate it? Peeing your pants for next week? Or holding your urine? WHAT?