First off, the other day something described as a "tweeker," punched out the painted glass in our super-secret side-entry door. And today brought this strange bulge in the sidewalk, which is cracking and chipping the bricks who try to keep it at bay. City workers were by to have a look, and apparently told Lindy West: "We don't know what it is. No one knows." The sky has grown dark and ominous. The maintenance man who was allegedly working on our window is nowhere to be found, and the city workers have scattered, leaving us with nothing but a flimsy barricade and some yellow caution tape:

Theyre not staying down there anymore.
  • They're not staying down there anymore.

See more information on C.H.U.D.s and opening the Gate after the cut:

Pretty sure it's either C.H.U.D.:

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Or that our heathen ways have opened the Gate: