Sitka & Spruce opened in the spring of 2006 in a tiny space in an Eastlake strip mall, right next door to a Subway. Everybody fell in love with Matt Dillon's simple, clear, lovely flavors. Sauces were sparing, nothing was overwrought, and insanely fresh produce was treated with reverence and utmost care.

Now Dillon also runs Georgetown restaurant/microfarm/oasis the Corson Building, and the Sitka & Spruce space has become Nettletown, another local/organic-focused place from Christina Choi, a friend and protege of Dillon's. (Choi also founded Foraged and Found Edibles, so there's lots of nice wild foods on the menu at Nettletown—I had brunch there recently and it was very good.)

Next Wednesday, May 26, Sitka & Spruce is back, in the really lovely new hangar-like space in the renovated triangular block at Pine and Melrose. Also there: Russ Flint's awesome Rain Shadow Meats, Sheri Lavigne's great cheese shop the Calf & Kid, and Katherine Anderson's Marigold & Mint, selling organically grown flowers and edibles harvested from the farm by the same name—more on those here. Welcome to the Ampersand Triangle!

Along with Sitka & Spruce, Dillon's opening a wine and oyster bar, Bar Ferdinand, in the same spot.

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