This week we look at the three candidates for police chief (Seattle's interim chief John Diaz, East Palo Alto police chief Ronald Davis, and Sacramento police chief Rick Braziel). Mayor Mike McGinn ultimately has to make the choice:

  • James Yamasaki

The best candidate is Sacramento police chief Rick Braziel. Braziel is strongest, it seems, in the areas where Diaz and Davis are weakest. Braziel has the chops to run a large department and a refreshing take on police transparency and accountability. He took control of the Sacramento Police Department in 2008—a department with 800 officers—after working through its ranks for 28 years. His goal was simple: redefine policing as a collaborative, community effort. And he did it. Civic leaders, police officers, and the mayor all praise his work.

"He's probably our most highly regarded public servant," says Kunal Merchant, chief of staff to Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson.

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