Immigration Debate Begins Anew: Michelle Obama accidentally gets sucked into the immigration debate, even as Mexican President Calderon, in a visit to the US, calls Arizona's new laws discriminatory.

Happy Monthiversary, Oil Spill! You look very mature for your age. Now go away.

It's Draw Mohammed Day: And the Seattle-area creator of Draw Mohammed Day disavows Draw Mohammed Day.

I Can't Remember What Good Financial News Feels Like Anymore: Unemployment unexpectedly increased last month, and stocks are down today.

Dioxi-wamish: Areas around the Duwamish have elevated dioxin levels.

Are There Grassy Knolls in the Ocean? North Korea says they didn't sink South Korean warship.

All Over but the Fear and Uncertainty: As order returns after the Thai riots, people are unsure about what's going to happen next.

You've Got Me On My Knees: Powerful Cyclone Laila comes ashore in India.

Come On and Take a Free Ride: Is the Downtown Ride Free Area about to go kaput?

How Conservative Is Rand Paul? He's so conservative, Dick Cheney's afraid of him. And, as the press takes a closer look at him, we find that he's against pesky government involvement like the Americans with Disabilities Act (he calls it an "overreach" on the part of the government) and the Civil Rights Act.

I'm Not Into Pointing Fingers, but It Had to be George Clooney: A masked thief stole five paintings, including a Matisse and a Picasso, from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.

Look! A Sports Headline: Some fixie-riding bike guy says he took steroids, says other bike-riding hipsters take steroids, too.

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