The bigots on the Itawamba School Board and at Itawamba Agricultural High School succeeded in running Constance McMillen out of town.

Constance McMillen said she now attends a high school in Jackson, about 180 miles away from Itawamba Agricultural High School in north Mississippi. She wouldn’t say which school she attends, but she expects to graduate June 2.... McMillen had said she faced hostility on campus and in the community in the aftermath of her actions. “There was a lot of stuff going on at Itawamba. It was just really hard to do my homework, so I transferred to Jackson to get my diploma,” McMillen said. “There’s a large gay community there. All the teachers are very nice and very helpful.”

Always remember, Constance, that the bigots who drove you out of Fulton, Mississippi, did you a favor. Being run out of a town like Fulton is like losing a lousy job that made you miserable or being divorced by a spouse you hated. It's scary, for sure, but one day you'll look back and thank God.

And file this under hilarious: despite the fact that Constance no longer attends Itawamba Agricultural High School, Westboro Baptist Church still plans to picket the school's graduation ceremony this Saturday afternoon. Here's hoping that, just this once, Westboro doesn't attract any counter-protesters. The graduating seniors who faked a prom in order to exclude and humiliate Constance—and who then harassed Constance until she felt she had to transfer to a different high school in another city—deserve to have their graduation marred by like-minded bigots. And finally...

“We are totally ready to get this behind us,” [Fulton Mayor Paul Walker] said. “The national exposure was great, but I wish it could have been for some other reason.”

Fulton was exposed all right, Mayor Walker, and thanks to all that "national exposure" the name Fulton is now synonymous with petty vindictiveness and small-town bigotry.