This time in Australia. No one could've predicted:

NSW Transport Minister David Campbell has resigned following revelations he used his taxpayer-funded car to visit a gay men's sex venue in Sydney's eastern suburbs.... In a statement issued by the government, Mr Campbell said he apologises to his wife, family, colleagues and staff. "This will be a very difficult time for my family and friends," it said. The investigation aired video of Mr Campbell seen to be leaving Kens at Kensington where he spent two hours on Tuesday night. Mr Campbell is accused of driving his own ministerial car to the gay sauna. Formerly known as Ken's Karate Klub (or KKK) the establishment charges a $22 entry fee and assures clients of discretion. Its website offers services for men who prefer men, including a porn lounge, sauna and spa.

Only in Australia could a sex club go by the name—formerly, but still—KKK? Oy. (Via JMG.)