Organizers of Sensible Washington, a campaign behind Initiative 1068 to legalize marijuana in Washington, say that a drug task force seized about a dozen signed copies of the petitions in a raid of an alleged medical-marijuana dispensary last week. Now Philip Dawdy, a leader of the group behind the initiative, says it can't get any assurances the 200 signatures will be returned. According to Dawdy, a detective told him, "We don't even know if we've got them, we'd have to go through the boxes, and we seized a lot of stuff."

"I said, 'We know you've got 'em,'" says Dawdy.

The notoriously aggressive drug task force, WestNet, is made up of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and based out of Kitsap County. Deputy Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff's office confirms that the "search warrant took place last week" but says he has "no idea" if WestNet has the petitions. "They are their own entity."

Sergeant Carlos Rodriguez of WestNet did not immediately return a call to comment.

"Things like this have a chilling impact on what we are trying to do when we collect signatures," Dawdy says. "They get a little paranoid, and maybe legitimately so." More info is here.