Sommer-Rae Simonson
  • Sommer-Rae Simonson

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The Cornish BFA show is up through May 29, and while overall the work is still overwhelmingly conservative (like the preponderance of work that comes out of Seattle art schools), there are some definite highlights: Taryn Graham's puppet installation with animation, Eddy Dughi's sparkling scrolling-text porn with interchangeable "I's and "You"s, Derek Ghormley's collapsed George Segal man, Allyce Wood's human-made animal skins and feathers, Sommer-Rae Simonson's strung-out photo diptychs involving mean-lookin' old people, and more. (I teach at Cornish, and some of those artists were my art-history students, just as a matter of full disclosure.)

This year's University of Washington MFA show at the Henry Art Gallery opens the day this one closes: May 29.