The Oregonian:

Fairview City Councilor Ken Quinby likes to have his .40-caliber Glock G27 handy at council meetings. Quinby says he carries the handgun - which he has a license for and keeps in his fanny pack, along with his cell phone and reading glasses - in case of attack by a disgruntled citizen.

Quinby's gun-packing proclivities, however, make fellow council member Barbara Jones nervous. So much so that she would like to ban guns and other weapons at City Hall.

From the ST article about the Pierce County cop who shot his in-laws:

Myron carried a gun everywhere, even in church, Weston said. The deputy joked about once greeting a date of his daughter's while being armed with four guns.

From a comment to a post on

The other day my wife and I were at the pizza factory and there was a guy there with his wife and kids and carrying a pistol. He wasn't carrying it in a holster. He had it tucked into his pants like some gangster. He was probably in his 40's. What an idiot.