Madeleine Peyroux and Paula Cole bring their iconic albums to the Benaroya Hall stage on October 8!
These sensational singer-songwriters celebrate their hit records, Careless Love and This Fire, at Benaroya Hall!

The Lost finale is this Sunday. There are many unanswered questions and not much time left. Obviously, not everything will be explained. Which doesn’t bother me that much; I don’t mind having things to mull over after it’s over. However, I still have questions.

What is sideways world? How are the two worlds connected?

At the rate we’ve been going lately, is anyone going to survive this thing? And are the dead people forever-dead? Is Richard finally dead?

What was Charles Widmore up to? Was he good or bad? Who is Penny’s mother? Why was Widmore on the island way back when? What did he want from the island?

Is Ben really a bad guy? Is he a follower or a decision maker?

What is Desmond's role?

What does being “infected” mean? What’s the deal with the island healing people but having weird fertility issues?

What is the smoke monster? Why can’t it fly off the island? Why does it need the plane, or does it? Why can’t it cross a line of ash or the sonic fence?

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Sigh. As Jacob and MIB's adopted mother said, questions bring more questions. (Where did that lady come from, anyway?)

Predictions? Questions? Discuss.

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