Bob Marley once sang about a "pimper's paradise." In this review of Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves is, we get to see a neoliberal paradise:

Sex evolved because the benefit of the diversity created through the intermixture of genomes outweighed the costs of engaging in it, and so we enjoy exchanging our genes with one another, and life is all the richer for it. Likewise ideas. “Exchange is to cultural evolution as sex is to biological evolution,” Ridley writes, and “the more human beings diversified as consumers and specialized as producers, and the more they then exchanged, the better off they have been, are and will be. And the good news is that there is no inevitable end to this process. The more people are drawn into the global division of labour, the more people can specialize and exchange, the wealthier we will all be.”
Sex is the same as market exchanges? The neoliberal paradise is evidently not that different from a pimper's paradise.