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Remember, earlier this week, when City Council President Richard Conlin put up that testy blog post about how Mayor Mike McGinn is not telling the truth about tunnel project cost overruns? And how McGinn then challenged Conlin to a public debate on the matter? And then, how Conlin—apparently throwing up blog posts from his European vacation—suddenly became too busy with vacation to respond directly to McGinn's challenge?

Well, look. We understand angry blog posts, and we understand vacations, so we thought we'd make it easy for Conlin to say yes to McGinn's debate idea. (Which is, objectively, a great idea. The city's top politicians are at loggerheads over the tunnel. Let's hear them talk it out, mano a mano. Everybody walks away more informed, and maybe some minds even change.) So here's what we've done:

We've decided to host the debate in partnership with Town Hall, which has agreed to provide the venue. The mayor's office has formally accepted this debate plan. Now all that's left is for Conlin to do the same. Easy!

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We know you're online on vacation, Conlin. (Because, duh.) So open up your e-mail and send us a quick message. Just three little letters: Y E S. And then go back to enjoying Europe.

Come on. Put your mouth where your blog is. You're not scared to tell the truth, are you?

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