• C.H.U.D.

In day two of The Great C.H.U.D. Siege of 2010™, the C.H.U.D.s are apparently biding their time under the sidewalk. The city has effectively enforced a curfew on the Stranger staff, blocking off our only after-hours entrance/exit with a barricade before fleeing the encroaching danger. This has Tim Keck furious, as he prefers us to work 20-hour days without a break, but his multiple calls to city have so far fallen on deaf ears. Twenty minutes ago, in a fit of rage, he illegally removed the warning markers blocking the doorway, endangering the safety of the staff and innocent passersby. It has now been more than 36 hours since the C.H.U.D.s first attempted to break through the sidewalk. I ventured outside to photograph the development and the bricks sank an inch wherever I stepped. The sight of this sent Brendan Kiley running in the direction of Cal Anderson Park. The maintenance man who was sent to fix the mysteriously broken window is still at large.

Stay tuned to Slog for this developing story.