Paul already linked to this story in the morning news about Danielle Lawrie, a fantastic softball player who's poised to lead the Husky's softball team to two straight NCAA championship titles. Lawrie clearly dominates as an athlete. However, the trajectory of this article is slightly hilarious.

It opens with a question: Is the greatest Husky athlete ever the hulking man who tackled the best or the hook-shooting center named Bob?

Then, the hook: Maybe the greatest UW athlete of all is a woman*! Game changer!

But how do we know for certain she's a woman and not the accomplished son of Rodney Dangerfield? Why because she wears pink hair bands and pounds her sports drink of choice from a pink metallic water bottle with "LOVE" stenciled on it, of course.

How does she and other women cope with life on the road? "The worst thing was it was tough to find a place to get our hair done and stuff," she said.

Now prove to me that she's good-good and not just good for a girl: She can pitch at 71-mph from the pitching circle about 40 feet from home plate, "the baseball equivalent of about 97 mph from a regulation mound."

But surely when she graduates she'll retire as an athlete: No! Because "this softball dream is much more rewarding right now," the article states, as her smile stretches as wide as her pink hair band. (Women and their silly dreams.)

So, is treating accomplished women athletes as freak show anomalies common in sports writing?

*And then the reporter spells her name wrong. Whoops!