...have orgies.

In private, the professor, Ma Yaohai, 53, led a life that became intolerable to Chinese authorities: for the past six years, he was a member of informal swingers clubs that practiced group sex and partner swapping. In online chat rooms, his handle was Roaring Virile Fire. He organized and engaged in at least 18 orgies, most of them in the two-bedroom apartment in Nanjing where he lived with his mother, according to prosecutors. On Thursday, a court sentenced the randy Mr. Ma to three and a half years in prison, a severe penalty for a crime that the Chinese government calls “crowd licentiousness.”

And Australia is going after your porn:

People traveling into Australia are being asked whether they have any pornography with them—and the Australian Sex Party (ASP) is demanding an inquiry into this major invasion of privacy. From now on, when entering Australia, travelers will have to tick a box indicating whether they are bringing any weapons, illicit drugs, or pornography into the country. If someone answers ‘yes’ to having pornography, his or her belongings can be searched. If this does not sound appealing, anyone can tick the ‘no’ box but, if they are carrying any type of pornography, they will be breaking the law.