Stocks: Down. The Dow fell below 10,000 again.

What Now for Financial Reform? The reform bill passed the Senate, but can they save it from lobbyists?

It's Alive! ALIVE! Scientists create first synthetic bacteria.

This Won't End Well: South Korea says North Korea will "pay" for sinking warship.

Germany to the Rescue? German lawmakers approve a contribution to a nearly $1 trillion European bailout package.

He's Like a Male Sarah Palin, Only Dumber: Rand Paul calls Obama's criticism of BP "un-American."

You're Doing the Military-Industrial Complex Wrong: Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he wants the president to veto the defense spending bill if funding for certain projects is included.

Blood on Your iPod: It's the eighth suicide this year at Foxconn, the world's biggest electronics manufacturer.

Observe and Report: SPD is opening another investigation to determine whether members of their department tried to influence Q13 into not running the "Mexican piss" video.

This Is Why I Hate Sports Writing: Wait a minute, you guys...could the greatest Husky of all time be...A GIRL? (Cue Ka-BOING! noise.) No way! She's so cute! And not a burly man at all!

This Is Why I Hate the Seattle Times Sometimes: It's Bike to Work careful or you will DIE in these MULTIPLE DANGER ZONES ALL AROUND SEATTLE. NEVER MIND THE BIKE! IT'S A DEATH TRAP!

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