This weekend, the Hugo House is hosting a conference called Finding Your Readers in the 21st Century. If you write, you might want to think about attending; it's about the way the publishing industry is changing and the way lots of different folks—from Publication Studio to Jeff Vandermeer—are adjusting the formula.

But even if you don't write, you should visit the Hugo House this weekend. They're hosting a Small Press Fair that should be of interest to any reader. Unlike the rest of the conference, it's free to attend the Fair. Here are the publishers who'll be showing off their work:

Future Tense Books, Tin House, Filter Literary Journal, Ravenna Press, The Seattle Review, Soundings Review, Chin Music Press, Book Publishers Northwest, Bellingham Review, Third Place Books, Wave Books. Girlie Press, CALYX. Weird Tales magazine. Counterpoint/Soft Skull, Fence Books, Floating Bridge Press, Lost Horse Press, Northwest Independent Editors Guild, ZAPP

So you've got sci-fi, poetry, zines, and literary fiction from local outlets and from places all around the country. This seems worth an afternoon drop-in on Saturday or Sunday for book-lovers, I think.