Below is the first sentence of a press release issued by the DEA in 2005, praising the bust of Canadian magazine publisher Marc Emery and hindering the movement to legalize marijuana:



The full press release from DEA administrator Karen Tandy boasts, "Drug legalization advocates now have one less pot of money to rely on."

Emery was alleged to have run a marijuana seed company out of British Columbia—which isn't a crime in Canada—but because some sales allegedly went to the US, and moreover, because he was a political opponent of the DEA, he was targeted for arrest. Five years later, Emery is being extradited to the US—to a hearing in Seattle—where he faces five years in prison.

He is expected to plea guilty at Seattle's federal courthouse on Monday.

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Today, there's a rally for Emery in downtown Seattle at the Jackson Federal Building (Second Avenue and Madison Street) 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. As the organizers put it, "Emery is a political prisoner of the United States Drug war and it is wrong for the government of Canada to extradite one of their citizens for something that is not a crime in Canada. There are currently other pot seed sellers who are operating with impunity in the country." Folks are rallying to free Marc Emery in cities across the country, but ours is important—the trial is in Seattle. More info is here.

Running a seed company shouldn't be a crime, certainly not a five-year-in-prison crime, and the US shouldn't conduct foreign witch hunts for activists who disagree with bad US policy.

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