The future might see a link between this argreement:

Late Thursday, Tesla announced it's teaming up with industry heavyweight Toyota Motor Corp. The deal includes a helpful $50 million cash injection from Toyota and gives Tesla the automotive clout critics have long claimed it lacks. Read more about Tesla teaming up with Toyota.

It also buys lots of local goodwill. The Tesla-Toyota team plans to reopen the old GM-Toyota plant in Fremont, right across San Francisco Bay from its headquarters, and hire about 1,000 workers — laying the groundwork for what many hope will be the high-tech rebirth of the American auto industry.

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And this disaster:

HOUSTON (MarketWatch) — The amount of oil BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) is siphoning from a massive leak on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico has declined to 1,360 barrels a day, a company spokesman said Sunday.

The updated figure is down from the 2,200 barrels of oil a day BP said it was collecting Saturday and Friday to a vessel in the surface and much lower than the 5,000 barrels of oil a day the oil giant said it was collecting Thursday.

We are a month into what will become the death of the Gulf of Mexico, a killing that still has no end in sight. Obama can pretty much consider his presidency ruined (he failed to understand that there was no room to compromise with Bush's program; there was only room for a quick and complete break from it—that opportunity was missed). Offshore drilling will not recover from a disaster of this magnitude. Indeed, as I have said before, it has grown so big that its blow will impact the entire culture of oil production and consumption. It's no longer crazy to think that tomorrow may belong to Tesla.

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