Here we go again: school officials in Florida waited until the day before prom and then suspended Omar Bonilla to stop him from attending his prom—which he planned to do in a dress. School officials basically encouraged him to come in a dress: after Bonilla announced he would run for Prom King earlier in the year, school officials persuaded him to run for Prom Queen instead. He didn't win—he came in second—and at the last minute school officials balked at allowing him to attend prom at all. So they suspended him from school the day before prom. And then...

Omar Bonilla's dream of being prom queen came true this weekend, but not exactly as planned—and with a price. He no longer can live at home, he says. Dressed in his drag persona as Allison Rodriguez, Bonilla became queen of the Pridelines Youth Services gay prom Saturday night at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus.... Last month, Bonilla ran for prom queen at Flanagan High in Pembroke Pines. After coming in among the top three vote-getters, school officials told the 19-year-old they worried for his safety and that he couldn't wear a blue sequin gown to the prom. Flanagan on Thursday suspended Bonilla for two days after he parked in a visitor spot, effectively barring him from Friday's prom.

Bonilla's friends contacted the media and his story made headlines in print, TV and online.

The school flap and resulting publicity helped Bonilla achieve his dream, but it also cost him—his parents on Sunday told him to turn in his keys and leave home, he says. His parents could not be reached for comment. "I got all my belongings in the car,'' he said.

Here's Flanagan High's website in case you want to find a phone number and make a call. It seems that all contact info for the principal—the woman who suspended Omar—has been scrubbed from the school's website. This prom nonsense is getting pretty tiresome, huh?

Oh, and Omar may have grounds to sue his school—if he can demonstrate that other students haven't been suspended for briefly parked their cars the wrong spot in the school's parking lot. Here's hoping he can prove that because, hey, it sounds like he could use the money.