The distraction continues.

It's been nearly two months since McMillen attended a prom at the Fulton Country Club that drew fewer than 10 other students from Itawamba Agricultural High School. Most of her classmates attended a separate event at the nearby Evergreen Community Center, to which McMillen was not invited, and later posted pictures from the dance on Internet sites.

U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson ruled in March that the district had violated McMillen's rights, but he didn't force the district to reinstate the prom. District officials had told the judge that McMillen was free to attend a parent-sponsored prom.... The ACLU alleged that McNeece and Floyd attended a meeting March 29 with parent organizers, where the decision was made to hold separate proms. In court documents, the school district said McNeece and Floyd did attend a meeting, but officials ''deny that the parents decided instead to hold two proms, one of the plaintiff and one for her classmates.''

You have to wonder just how much barring Constance from prom—then canceling prom, then staging a fake prom, then lying to a federal judge—is going to cost the Itawamba County School Board before this is all over. I'll bet it winds up costing them a distracting amount of money.