The Advocate:

The Advocate has learned that concurrent meetings took place Monday morning at the White House and on Capitol Hill that could help clear the way for “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal to be attached to the Department of Defense authorization bill later this week. LGBT groups met with officials at the White House while legislative affairs representatives from the White House and the Department of Defense briefed the House and Senate leadership offices on Capitol Hill along with those of Rep. Patrick Murphy and Sens. Carl Levin and Joseph Lieberman.

A White House aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed the White House meeting. "Our understanding is that Congress is determined to act this week and we are learning more about their proposal now," said the aide. According to one person familiar with the White House meeting, the proposal that is being considered would repeal the current statute this year, but implementation of repeal would not take place until after completion of the Pentagon’s working group study in December.

Yesterday in California Nancy Pelosi predicted that DADT would be "a memory by Christmas":

Servicemembers United wants you to participate in today's "GIVE 'EM HELL - Congressional Call Swarm."

Next week, the Senate Armed Services Committee and the full House of Representatives will debate and vote on finally repealing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) law. This is our LAST CHANCE to flood congressional offices with phone calls to send the message that support for repealing DADT is overwhelming. We are no longer asking. We are DEMANDING that DADT be repealed THIS YEAR. We all have worked long and hard for this time to come. Now that it's here, we cannot let the opportunity slip. Please join us on Monday, May 24th and help us flood our congressional offices with phone calls demanding repeal of DADT immediately.

Step 1) Call the DC offices of each of your state's two Senators.

Step 2) Call the DC office of your district's federal Representative.