...because they're too busy doing their jobs to have affairs. But it looks like one female politician—South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley—managed to make time for a man who wasn't her husband. Haley has been leading in the race for the GOP nomination after Sarah Palin endorsed her and she's been endorsed by all the pro-family/anti-gay groups. And it gets better:

Haley was once a close political ally of Gov. Sanford, but somewhat distanced herself from him after Sanford's affair came to light. Haley said the governor had "fallen short" in his behavior, but refused to join calls for his resignation. The Sanford-affiliated group ReformSC recently spent $400,000 on pro-Haley ads, and Jenny Sanford even compared Haley to her former husband in her endorsement of Haley. Neither Ms. Sanford nor Gov. Palin have said whether they still support Haley.

The Columbia Free Times has "been investigating a story involving an alleged affair between Haley and Folks for several weeks," and on Monday cited an unnamed source who claimed Folks privately admitted the affair in 2009. "Furthermore, the source ... says former Haley staffer B.J. Boling told him Haley had confided in him about the affair around the time Boling was working on her House reelection campaign in 2008," the Free Times reported.

Haley and the other candidates for governor recently participated in a debate sponsored by the Palmetto Family Council where they spoke about being maritally faithful while serving in politics. "You are being held to a higher standard and so you have much more service you have to give and you're a role model to everybody that follows you," Haley said during the debate.

Turns out she was screwing a (future) blogger. That's the very model of a modern major indiscretion.

UPDATE: If you can stand it, here's Sarah Palin endorsing the "strongly pro-life, pro-family" Nikki Haley, "wife of a military man," "mom," "and "reformer." Oh, and adulterer—let's not forget adulterer:

Looking on the bright side: if Haley did have an affair, she has a bright future on the pro-abstinence lecture circuit with Bristol Palin and Mark Souder.