So Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was caught on videotape crassly selling access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. She accepted $40,000 in cash, asked to have another $500,000 wired to her bank account, and said...

“If you want to meet him in your business, look after me and he’ll look after you,” the paper quoted her as saying in reference to Andrew, the Duke of York. “I can open any door you want.”

Hard to see how she finesses this one. But going forward the Queen and the rest of the Windsors might want to reconsider the size of the firm's divorce settlements:

Since her divorce, the duchess has written children’s books, worked as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and produced movies, among other things. The News of the World quoted her as saying that she gets £15,000, or about $21,500, a year in her divorce settlement. “I have not got a bean to my name,” she is quoted as saying.

If that's true—if the Windsors really cut Sarah her loose/off after 10 years of marriage to Andrew with 21K a year to live on—they should come in for a share of the blame here. What did they expect her to do for money? Busk?