The New Pioneer Square blog routinely features a post called Pioneer Square in the News about items of neighborhood import. Today, the blog features breaking news items about meatloaf sandwiches, Brasa's recent closure (in, um, Belltown), and Tat's move around the corner. This is newsworthy—it's exactly the kind of news Pioneer Square residents should be updated with (except, perhaps, that thing in Belltown).

But, um, it's kind of embarrassing that they're omitting the biggest story going on in their neighborhood right now—Real Change's move to Pioneer Square, which we and others have covered—again and again. Not only is Real Change a new Pioneer Square neighbor, the Pioneer Square Community Association is waging a legal fight to block the organization from staying in its new office. Today, Real Change is having a rally to celebrate their move and drum up community support.

The New Pioneer Square blog has covered this issue before—back in March, but nothing's been written since. The event isn't even listed on their calendar page.

Unless they change their name to Pioneer Square Sandwiches in the News, it's a huge misstep for a neighborhood blog not to cover this issue for their readers, some of whom might be interested in this obvious newsworthy event.