On May 18, a woman returned from work to find her Greenwood home emptied of everything down to her used toiletries, according to a filed police report.

At around 3:00 p.m. last Tuesday, the woman received a call from her neighbor informing her that her front door was open. When she rushed home, the victim found that someone (or some people) had allegedly entered her home via the bedroom window and had systematically packed up and stolen the majority of her belongings. The police report has redacted the itemized list, however, it does note that, "the suspects removed her frozen food from the freezer and had it packed in bags along with some of her clothes near the front door like they were either interrupted or was planning on coming back for the rest of her things." They even removed her new and used toiletries from the bathroom.

The report notes that the victim was too overwhelmed by the magnitude of the robbery to provide officers with a comprehensive list of stolen items.