Its pup-season, motherfuckers.
  • Image via Jerrie Hurd
  • It's pup-season, motherfuckers.
According to West Seattle Blog, coyote sightings are on the rise in West Seattle. Free dogs! And they are apparently "large, which means well-fed," as well as extra protective because it's "pup-season." Free puppies! JK, everyone, keep your beloved pets inside if you live in West Seattle. Speaking of staying aware, a woman was unloading her car in the parking garage of her apartment building when she suddenly felt an electric shock on her neck and was pushed down into the trunk of the car, according to Fremont Universe's telling of a Seattle police report. A man (described as being in his late teens) allegedly grabbed her purse, jumped into a nearby getaway car, and sped out of the parking garage. This is why parking garages are creepy: A teenager might Taser your neck and shove you into a trunk. In other vehicle-related horrors, My Ballard and SeattleCrime report that a man accused of grabbing valuables out of vehicles while drivers were "distracted pumping gas" was arrested yesterday. On the way to the police station, the man reportedly told officers “that he was down on his luck and lamented how ashamed his family was going to be of him." Boo-hoo, dude. Sounds like you need a free puppy.

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Hard times on MLK, Jr Way and naked times on Aurora after the jump

According to Rainier Valley Post, it's been a particularly tough economic time for Asian-owned businesses on MLK, Jr Way near the light rail. Despite the city’s predictions that light rail would benefit the local economy, Vietnamese-owned businesses in particular are apparently down as much as 30 percent due to construction. And while the economic downturn resulted, oddly, in a sharp decline in car thefts for awhile, this silver lining has apparently vanished. According to SeattleCrime, following an 11 percent drop in Seattle in 2009, auto thefts have shot back up in recent months. Yesterday, a stolen SUV was found tipped on its side, empty, just after 2 a.m. at 46th and Brandon Street. According to West Seattle Blog, the vehicle was stolen from the same block where it tipped after hitting a parked car and a male suspect wearing black was seen fleeing after the accident to a waiting white van.

And lastly, according to Aurora Seattle blog and SeattleCrime, a night of drinking between two friends in an Aurora motel room ended with a call to the cops when one of the friends allegedly went completely batshit. The man reportedly took off his clothes "for no apparent reason," pinned his friend's head to the wall using the legs of a stool, and then pulled a knife and threatened to kill him. That man needs lots of puppies.

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