Apple is banning comics from the App Store left and right, it seems. Bleeding Cool reports that the provocatively named Jesus Hates Zombies comic was banned from the Comixology app, presumably for excessive violence. But some comics featuring gay content were banned, too:

And while it mostly seems that Apple is most concerned with pornography on Apple products, when it comes to gay or lesbian material, they seem to get very concerned indeed. Christensen sites Tom Boulden’s The Importance Of Being Earnest chopped for minor scenes with naked men kissing and cuddling without any graphic nudity. And Zesty from Yaoi Press featured lesbian scenes without any nudity, simply some rather tame kissing and cuddling.

Meanwhile, David Remnick says that the New Yorker isn't going to allow Apple to censor their content:

"We're going to publish what we publish," Remnick said Tuesday, speaking at a Conde Nast-hosted breakfast discussion on digitizing iconic print brands. "If the Pentagon can't talk us out of a story, then Apple in Cupertino isn't going to throw me off."