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Can't help remember the original Macintosh ad where the Mac "freed" the people from a1984-esque Big Brother world. Who is the Big Brother now?
Maybe their new ad campaign should have a tagline like "And you'll see why 2010 will be like '1984'"
Apple apps in "The Death of the Open Web" in the NYT Mag:…
For anyone who's trying to Google for "Tom Boulden’s The Importance Of Being Earnest", looks like his name is actually "Tom Bouden".
@3, I'm guessing that the original author also meant "cites" instead of "sites". Sigh. I know a freelance copy editor friend, if they want one...
It was a copy-paste from the original site. Paul should have put [sic], though.
I doubt Apple has any specific policy against gay material. I'm guessing what's happening is that they leave these decisions up to relatively low-level content approvers. Content is being removed seemingly at random either because Apple has vague guidelines, or some of their employees are the type of "I know what's best for everyone" right wing nutjobs that would, oh I don't know, rip out an IUD during a pap.

Add to that the fact that any appeal process that would escalate this beyond the nutjobs seems to be either non-existent or mired in bureaucracy.

What I don't get is that they do seem to have some age controls. Any app involving alcohol, for example, makes you confirm that you're old enough. I'm guessing this is built into the parental locks on the devices but I could be wrong. Why don't they just make the violent/sexual material subject to parental locks?
They're all still free if you stream them and load them as external video into your iMac to view later.

But that would be ... simple.

And, fwiw, parental locks don't work, except to keep parents from buying stuff.
How about some props to the original author of the article, Seattle's own Zan Christensen, that he references and sums up here:…
I imagine the JESUS HATES ZOMBIES thing was due to it being Jesus; Apple has shown a great reluctance to allow anyone to ridicule or "defame" a public figure. (Though I can't imagine what's more respectable than putting an end to the evil undead.)

Bad enough that Apple censors, but they ban these things and then allow comics like KICK-ASS, which features unrelenting graphic violence and some nudity and sex as well. Either Marvel (the publisher) gets a pass because they're a big publisher, or gay content is somehow more "adult" than straight stuff. Either way, it's not good for the comics industry to have a distribution channel with such tight restrictions on it.
You fuckers REALLY need to stop it with the Apple handjobs (even bad publicity is publicity) and start focusing on Android. Open open open open.....
Meanwhile on the rest of the internet, people continue to do whatever the fuck they want to do.
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