One of the workers at the Lusty Lady—Seattle's historic, doomed peepshow—loaned me a book of haiku written by the employees. They began as poems and one-liners posted to the dressing-room mirrors and graduated into a chapbook. A sampling:

Helping you create a space uniquely yours for work or play, with style and art, your way.
Custom framing, photo frames, printing on metal, paper and canvas.

Tie over shoulder
Glancing at watch, must come now
Time to go to work (Nadia)

Image of my face
Oh his dick superimposed
I have a dick-nose (Billie)

Small like my finger
Big like fat tropical fruit
All kinds, I've seen them (Hannah)

"Please explain this
gap in your
employment from... " (Kitten)

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You can join the requiem Facebook page here and find documentary photos of the Lusty taken by photographer and former dancer Erika Langley here.

A nice self-portrait of Langley's, of dancers prepping in the mirror (possibly the haiku mirror), is behind the jump, per NSFW requests. (In my defense, the one visible breast in the shot is pretty small in the frame.)

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