Tonight at 7, James Forsher, an Associate Professor in Communication at Seattle University, will talk about sex and the largest image factory in the world, Hollywood.


The substance of the talk:
In telling how sex sold Hollywood, we are going to explore three different areas of sex in films. Hollywood Sex, using clips from motion pictures, trailers, film shorts and cartoons, traces how the film industry evolved in its portrayal of how the genders related to each other, going as far back as 1893.

Weird Sex explores films exposing ‘strange’ views of men and women's relationships in films. Films will include portrayal of transvestites in the 1950s as well as cutting-edge animators creating ‘funny porno’ films in the 1920’s.

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Finally, Patriotic Sex focuses on World War Two, with films instructing women to do their patriotic duty and to keep their fighting men happy.

I really want to see some of this patriotic sex. How is it done? Can you have patriotic sex on the floor? Is the floor too raw for patriotic sex? So many questions, so little time.

By the way, the image I used for this post is from a steamy sequence in Odds Against Tomorrow. Even more steamy is the real story behind the sexy actress, Gloria Graham:

She married... Nicholas Ray, director, married 1 June 1948, separated 1951, divorced 1952. The couple had one child, Timothy (born November 1948, aka David Cyrus Howard during his mother's third marriage). Their marriage ended when Ray found Grahame in bed with his 13 year old son by his first marriage, Anthony, whom she later married... Anthony Ray, her former stepson, married May 1960, divorced 1974. The Rays had two sons, Anthony Jr (born 1963) and James (born 1965).
Hot damn!