The Morning News: Fighting Gays, Evil Beavers, and Lying Mayors


How is that Axis of Evil working for you Democraps?
Obama concedes nukes to Iran and N Korea about to explode (did we mention they have nukes and missles that can reach Seattle?...)
-too bad snarky hipster smartassery won't make this problem go away...
Nice to see Obama is waiting to get the troops input before making a decision.
Of course, if you want to act with someone other than James' brother Dave, you're SOL...
When I first saw the title of this post, I thought it said "Fighting Gay Evil Beavers" and I knew we wouldn't have a chance.
Tony Perkins protests too much, wink, wink.
I love it when people use car-bike accidents as evidence that biking is dangerous. It's like using statistics on burglaries and home invasion to prove that houses are dangerous.
"Glad You're Finally Catching Up, Gramps"

Fuck you and your ageist bullshit. I'm twice your age and am skilled in a half-dozen programming languages. I work with a 65-year-old that I guarantee knows more technology than anyone in your half-assed website operation. (Anthony Hecht? Don't make me laugh.)
Gotta love those "back room deals"!!
@7: Man, who pooped in your Polident this morning?
What, nothing on the menace to America's fine flower of womanhood by Canadian Wrestlers?

Does nobody watch The Bachelorette?
" the Korean peninsular"? Is that like a dungeon or something? Maybe she meant "on the Korean peninsula".
Admittedly, one's balls are often not totally comfortable on a bicycle seat. Nevertheless, cycling to work or anywhere is not only not stupid, it is a great thing to do. I know nine old men (oldest 83) who ride nearly every day and who would agree.