Here is your ethical financial problem of the day! Perhaps you've been wondering if you should purchase an iPhone 3GS—but a) you don't have the necessary funds, and b) maybe you're thinking it would be better just to wait until the newest iPhone launches. Well, today's news is not going to help matters much. From PC Magazine...


Right now I'm imagining some spinning empty office chairs as at least some of you are beating feet to the closest Walmart. Then there are people like me who are saying, "Waaaaait a second. A) I swore never again to go into Walmart after that botched Christmas shopping expedition of 1998, where I witnessed a hillbilly slap his screaming child in the face with the back of his hand, and B) What's inside a 'Walmart iPhone' anyway? Old transistor radio parts and stale popcorn?"
You'll still have the two year contract to contend with, but if you're okay with that—should you buy your iPhone at Walmart? REALLY??
For those looking for a good reason not to step foot into the Hellmouth, check out this article from Walletpop on why "Walmart's $97 iPhone 3GS is a bad buy." An excerpt...

At this point in the game, especially since you will be locked into a 2-year contract with a higher $325 early termination fee, you're better off saving up for the newest iPhone, which will have a faster processor, better battery life and a front facing camera for video chatting. There's actually a lot to like about the new iPhone.

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So what do you think? Would you or wouldn't you?