Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner told Good Morning America today that the Deepwater Horizon leak is the worst oil spill in U.S. history: "I don't think there is any doubt, unfortunately," she said. What's a little less believable, though, is what she told The Early Show: "The government is in charge. We have been in charge and we'll continue to be in charge."

Meanwhile, BP (debatebly not the government) will begin diagnostic tests today for its top kill operation, in which heavy drilling fluids and cement are injected into the well to stop the flow of oil and gas. Short of that, they'll consider replacing the damaged riser pipe at the well, an operation that won't be ready until the end of May (guess the "Junk Shot" is out). NPR reports that if these measures don't work, the only option could be drilling a relief well, which could take crews until, um, August.

UPDATE: Ace commenter Max Solomon adds:

i just don't get the sequential nature of these fixes. 1st we'll try the containment dome, that'll take 2 weeks. nope? ok, 2 weeks till the top hat. nope? ok, let's take 2 weeks to stick a pipe in the pipe. nope? ok, now let's spend 2 weeks talking shit about a junk shot. nope? ok, let's s l o w l y prepare and study a top kill. if that doesn't work, i guess we'll drill a relief well.

why the fuck aren't these things all occurring at the SAME TIME?