The NYT reports on the Catholic Church's efforts to keep out the gays and the kiddie rapists:

Every job interview has its awkward moments, but in recent years, the standard interview for men seeking a life in the Roman Catholic priesthood has made the awkward moment a requirement. “When was the last time you had sex?” all candidates for the seminary are asked. (The preferred answer: not for three years or more.) “What kind of sexual experiences have you had?” is another common question. “Do you like pornography?”

Depending on the replies, and the results of standardized psychological tests, the interview may proceed into deeper waters: “Do you like children?”

A pedophile of average intelligence—a pedophile of below-average intelligence—would know not to answer that question too affirmatively.

Sorry, Catholic Church, but until you stop self-selecting for sexually damaged and/or stunted and/or dysfunctional men—until the Catholic Church ceases to be a haven for men fleeing their problematic and/or criminal sexual interests—you're going to continue to attract freaks and weirdos, kiddie rapists and scumbags, closet cases and other moral bankrupts. Stacking job interviews with trick questions—"What's your favorite color? What time is Suite Life of Zac and Cody on? Ever fucked a kid?"—isn't going to keep 'em out. But you could crowd 'em out by ordaining women and allowing priests to marry.