HTMLGiant reports that Word Riot magazine is going to publish a whole bunch of bad novels on Monday, June 7th.

Do you have an atrocious novel sitting on your hard drive? Do you have an awesome short story collection you want to expose hard and fast like the town pervert? Well, step right up…Monday, June 7 will be “Published For a Day” day on Word Riot. We will post an entry with links to downloadable PDFs of novels and book length short story collections (at least 25k words) that will be available for one day and one day only: 12 a.m. -11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 7.

If you'd prefer to write your bad novel rather than download someone else's bad novel, here is a friendly reminder that the 3-Day Novel Contest is coming up at the end of this summer. I did it last year, and it was actually a lot of fun.