• Vlad Verano

The reading party—which is free, and is tonight from 6 pm to 9 pm, and consists of nothing more than you showing up with whatever you feel like reading and sitting in the best-shaped room in the city, reading and drinking among other people reading and drinking (follow that link for more info)—now has a drink special: The Perfect Manhattan. It is $4.* Also, there will be glasses of wine for $4.

It has not been quite so slammed lately—you should be able to get a seat. Come tonight if you haven't been. Bring whatever.

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* Recently I put it to the owners of the hotel to come up with a cheaper drink for the Reading Party than the $6 beer and cocktails on their happy-hour menu. Cuz how happy is a $6 drink? And they came through! In honor of the new drink special(s), reading-party art-manipulator Vlad Verano added Manhattans to this week's image of the Fireside Room. For some reason, he also added Al Gore and meerkats. Enjoy!

(This post has been updated and reposted.)