She wont be laughing when SHES SELLING APPLES UNDER A BRIDGE!
  • She won't be laughing when SHE'S SELLING APPLES UNDER A BRIDGE!

If you haven't read Lindy's review of Sex and the City 2, you are alone on earth in this regard, and you should do so immediately.

Meanwhile, due to an unhealthy interest in the SATC franchise (I went to a fancy, shrieking ladies' screening party for SATC1 where I got a Botox t-shirt*), I've been keeping tabs on other coverage: Now there's this AP article about how the new movie ignores the recession. Zzzzzz, I know. But!

Quoth SATC2 writer/director Michael Patrick King:

Nobody wants to see Carrie Bradshaw selling apples under a bridge. That would be just depressing.

Slog poll! And surely Michael Patrick King will recognize the legally binding nature of Slog polls when he makes SATC3. Here we go.

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*Back then I called SATC "essentially sweet-hearted if often appalling," which, for the record, I now retract. I saw the new movie with Lindy (voluntarily, due to unhealthy interest), and the appalling has impaled the sweet on a pike and carried it around, then dumped it under a bridge. If Carrie Bradshaw were selling apples there, she could gnaw on it! Think about it!