For reasons known to Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs alone...

Apple has gone and approved the "Savage Love" iPhone app—and approved it in record time. The "Savage Love" app has all of my columns from the past five thousand years, searchable by keyword and by categories like "adult babies," "amputees," "worst advice ever," and that's not all. Each afternoon the app blasts the SL Question of the Day out to your phone so you'll never have to read Slog ever again! It also has my podcasts, videos, new and easy ways for the sexually clueless and/or desperate to send me questions, and a very, very special way to reach out and touch me. It's a $1.99 at the iTunes store. Right now—with barely a mention anyplace—the "Savage Love" app is at the number #2 spot in the "Lifestyle" category. Which no one finds more appalling than I do.

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Unfortunately the Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth couldn't figure out how to make an Android or Boysenberry version.

Check it out.