Last Monday, May 31, an alleged gunfight broke out in a parking lot on East Marginal Way South at 3:15 a.m., reportedly involving around 100 people, according to the police report. The report states that although multiple 911 callers reported gunshots and that someone had been hit, only one witness was on scene. All 100 or so people allegedly involved fled the parking lot before officers arrived, while one poor sucker who was allegedly just "trying to escape from the disturbance" got his car stuck on the railroad tracks north of the parking lot and had to be professionally towed.

The witness stated that the 100-person fight broke out in the parking lot of an apartment building (the report doesn't address why the fight broke out). The witness happened to be standing in the building's entrance when gunshots were fired. He told officers that a man standing next to him was shot repeatedly by a man standing next to a silver pickup truck in the parking lot. He said another victim had been beaten, but not shot, and was dragged into the truck unconscious before it took off. The witness reported that the man who was gunned down next to him fled in a white sedan traveling the opposite direction from the silver truck on East Marginal Way South.

The officers drove to Harborview Medical Center in hopes of finding the injured victims. Other hospitals in the area were also notified to contact the police if a patient with gunshot wounds arrived, but none had been identified at the time of this report.