This month includes:

Sign up to ride the 7 Hills of Kirkland this May!
The month long cycling event takes place this May, with ride challenges, prizes from Zoka Coffee and Primal Wear, and funds raised benefiting Attain Housing.

Patti Warashina, Fly Swatter
  • Patti Warashina, Fly Swatter

Tom Reed at Grover/Thurston
  • Stumpflowerrainbow

Ariana Page Russell at Platform.


Blow Up (after the eruption of Mount St. Helens) at G. Gibson.

Laurel Schultz, volcanohead
  • Laurel Schultz, volcanohead

Support The Stranger

Into the Void at James Harris Gallery.

Davis + Langlois
  • Davis + Langlois


The Architect and the Urn at Lundgren Monuments (no images available).