This man would like to make art with you.
  • This man would like to make art with you.
Alex Schweder La* is an amazing artist and he wants YOU for a project he's going to realize at Lawrimore Project starting next week.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival Presents: Auction Beltane! Join us May 1st for a sexy, delicious evening.
Tickets $15-$250. Aphrodesia delivery menu, incredible auction items, live streamed performances.

It's called Its Form Will Follow Your Performance (Seattle), and here's the pitch—you do not have to be rich, you do not have to be "in":

Alex Schweder La is looking for five (5) people, from outside the art world pool ideally, who need "free architectural advice" for a renovation of their apartment or house. These people need to be of limited means, and willing to have this process documented and agree to him exhibiting or publishing this documentation. He will then meet with these 'clients' for about an hour at Lawrimore Project and hear what is wrong with their apartments. He will then give them free advice about how to renovate their apartment. They will go home and 'perform' this renovation, document it and send it to him via email. They will then discuss the shortcomings and successes of the renovation and try it again. This will again be documented by the client. This correspondence will continue until they agree their apartment is renovated.

Prospective clients should email their interest to Scott Lawrimore with the subject line "Free Architectural Advice."

Schweder La will contact the five clients chosen and set up the appointments.

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Read about how this project went down when Schweder La did it in Berlin here, here, and here.

*His name used to be, simply, Alex Schweder. Then he married a lady with the last name of La, therefore he added her last name to his last name, making him Alex Schweder La, which, while fantastical-sounding, is merely the routine addition of a fantastical-sounding syllable, not an art statement. Schweder also has work in this show opening tonight.