In my role as spokesperson for Dan's army of Tech Savvy At-Risk Youth™, I have some news about this Savage Love iPhone App to share.

The news is that we're acutely aware of the crashing issue some of you have been experiencing, and are hard at work on a fix. This issue never came up in our testing (obviously), nor did Apple discover it during their review process. From the reports we've seen so far, it seems to only affect 3G hardware (not first generation phones, and not 3GS), which is weird, but there you go.

In better news, we've had reports that restarting your iPhone* may fix the problem, at least temporarily. Hopefully this will be enough to give you your Savage Love fix (on the go!) until the bug fix release is out.

Sorry for the troubles, and thanks for your patience.

* Don't know how to restart your iPhone? It's easy! Hold down the Sleep/Wake button (the one on the upper right edge of your phone) until you see the "slide to power off" message. Then slide the red slider to turn off your phone. Once it's off, hold the Sleep/Wake button again for a second or so to turn it back on.