Get Loweded, the regular night of music and lowbrow bar theater at Re-bar, is coming to a close.

The Prom, playing May 31st-June 19th at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Prom is a musical comedy about big Broadway stars on a mission to change the world.

From a profile in 2008 of the show and its creator Chas Roberts:

Roberts and his cohort, including members of the People's Republic of Komedy, molded Get Loweded into regular segments, a kind of Stations of the Cross for booze.

To commemorate one-night stands, there's the "Random Hookup" segment, wherein the audience chooses two strangers to spend the rest of the show sitting awkwardly next to each other (or, sometimes, making out) on a couch up on the stage. To commemorate drunken know-it-alls, there's a quiz segment, pitting audience members against standup comedians. And, to commemorate drunk cuisine, there's "Would You Eat That?" a sort of culinary Jackass, where audience members volunteer to eat something ill-advised. "Ice cream with a taco mashed up in it," Roberts grimaces. "It's incredible—whatever it is, there's always someone in the audience who'll eat it."

And about Roberts's alter-ego, Jackson Lowe:

Jackson Lowe is a barfly's impresario—garrulous, funny, and cutting, but never a jerk. He's a cross between Jack Falstaff and a professional-wrestling referee, a gravel-voiced wit with a belly and beard who wears sunglasses indoors. And he has a carnival barker's patter. Normally, Roberts has a stutter—he elongates vowels, like the e in "regurgitation"—but it disappears when he's being Jackson Lowe. Something about the character, he says, frees up the traffic jam in his synapses and banishes the stutter. "It's even more gone when I sing," he says. "I tried to sing in monotone for a few weeks when I was around 19. I was the hit of some parties."

Tomorrow night at Re-bar. Doors at 9:30. $5. Acts will include the band Madraso, comedy by Emmett Montgomery and Danielle Radford, the "Are You Smarter Than" quiz segment with Larry Mizell, something weird by Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke, and many, many others. Calendar listing here.

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