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Central District News reports on the recent controversy over the new principal hired at St. Therese Catholic School. Apparently, allegations are being made by community members that the decision was "part of a plan by the Seattle Archdiocese to disperse the African-American students at St. Therese School, which is predominantly black, to other Catholic schools." The Archdiocese denies that race is the issue, but won't say why they're choosing not to renew the contract of the former principal, who is African American and has been at the school for 20 years.

In Ballard, a transient man allegedly attacked a transgendered woman at a bus stop on 15th and Market, sending her to Swedish Hospital’s emergency room last Sunday. MyBallard reports that the man, allegedly intoxicated, walked up to the woman, started yelling derogatory remarks, and then proceeded to punch her on the face, neck, and body. He was charged yesterday with Malicious Harassment. According to MyBallard, this lovely gentleman was previously convicted of a hate crime back in 2003 and has been booked 36 times since 2004.

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Speaking of people you don't want anywhere near you, Rainier Valley Post and SeattleCrime report on a poor Rainier Beach woman, and mother of six, who was just trying to do her household chores when a "completely plastered" friend of her ex-husband (whom she hadn't seen for 14 years) climbed through her bathroom window, broke the sealing around it, and chugged Bacardi in her kitchen. Read the hilarious account here.

In news of a more welcome guest, West Seattle resident Jennifer was "happily baking in the kitchen," when she looked over and saw a cute otter sitting outside her front door. Ott-dorable! There are pictures. And if you live in West Seattle and are not happily baking, but are instead frantically looking for your missing chickens, look no farther. West Seattle blog has located them: The chickens were last seen—wait for it—crossing the road.