One consenting adult in Florida loses his job as a high school football coach after sending "lewd" pictures to another consenting adult—technically he lost his job after his privacy was invaded—but meanwhile sanity prevails in Michigan:

A Michigan public school teacher cannot be fired for private behavior that does not adversely affect students—even if that behavior involves photos of the teacher simulating a sex act on a mannequin at a Jobbie Nooner party on Lake St. Clair. And her students find the photos on the Internet. So said the Michigan Court of Appeals in an opinion released Friday on the 2007 firing of a Macomb County math teacher.

The court upheld a Teacher Tenure Commission decision to reinstate L’Anse Creuse Middle School Central teacher Anna Land. The court said that while her conduct was “coarse, (it) was not inappropriate for its adult venue.” A teacher cannot be found guilty of professional misconduct for “legal, off-duty, off-premises, conduct not involving students,” the court found.

Pictures of Land were "taken and posted online without her authorization (and removed at her request)," and yet the school board moved to fire her anyway—but the judge said no. Here's looking forward to that high school football coach's day in court.