This post has been updated and moved up from yesterday.

KEXP, Seattle's beloved community public radio station, confirmed today that they've submitted a proposal to move their station to the Fun Forest site, where a big-ass glass museum has also been proposed.

The public bidding process to put something fun and accessible on the Fun Forest site—instead of brittle and costly—ends today at 5 p.m.

Other noteworthy bidders include the Friends of the Green at Seattle Center and the Seattle Museum of Mysteries, which wants to install a mystery house and walking tour on the site.

Seattle Center spokeswoman Deborah Daoust says a complete list of the proposers will be released on Monday. As for who will be reviewing the bids and the time line for reviewing them—that's still being discussed, she says.

UPDATE: As for what KEXP would bring to the Seattle Center campus, executive director Tom Mara writes in an email (emphasis mine):

As an arts organization, our work is about bringing unfamiliar music to people, something radio has largely forsaken unfortunately. This last year, we crossed the five hundred mark for the number of live in-studio artist performances — but only 5-8 visitors could squeeze in behind the audio engineer to witness them. In terms of public benefit, this location would enable us to bring hundreds of live performances to the campus at no charge with the purpose of connecting many more people to more artists - again the core of our arts mission.