My husband reads your column regularly, and he directed me to one of this week's letters. I can relate to the woman who signs herself Wasting Endless Towels. I too was a novice female ejaculator once. When my husband and I were dating, he was the only man who not only brought me to squirt but who encouraged it and helped me overcome any insecurities I had in the first place about ejaculating. (It's not something my circle of friends ever discussed.) Although some nights I may not squirt more than a tablespoon, which a washcloth can handle just fine, most nights I'm squirting cups. (I realize I'm a lucky, lucky woman.) Before I learned the fine art of controlling whether or not I ejaculated, my husband and I were using towel after towel. We even got to the point of having sex on top of three thick, folded towels to try to absorb the moisture, but even that didn't work. We would inevitably soak down to the mattress. I was desperate. I almost went to the store and bought puppy pads, but the thought of sleeping on top of something intended to potty train a dog was unsexy to say the least. After appealing online to other female ejaculators, I came upon this godsend from Liberator: the Fascinator Throe.

We are in love with our Liberator Throe—it is my personal favorite sex accessory. Pricey, yes, but it has probably paid for itself in cuts to my water bills. Not only does it keep me from having to do loads upon loads of towels, but it saves our sheets, mattress pad, and mattress from staining. It absorbs all of my ejaculate and never soaks through to the bed. If WET is still desperately seeking a second option, I strongly recommend she and her partner make the investment for a Fascinator Throe. They come in all types of colors and patterns, so if a friend happens to see it folded up one day, they need never know it's not just another blanket. I haven't seen anything else on the market that compares to it, and it certainly feels better and retains the sexiness of the mood than trash bags, puppy pads, or (sorry to say) a wrestling mat.

Mattress-Saving Helper

My response after the jump...

My suggestion for WET—a wrestling mat, lots of towels—didn't go over so well with all the lady spunkers out there.

Some wrote in to recommend puppy pads—I'm with you, MSH: yuck—but lots more wrote in to recommend the Fascinator Throe. At first I suspected an orchestrated campaign on the part of company that makes the blankets. But the gushing appears to represent a sincere outpouring of affection. So here's your letter, MSH, and thanks for sharing.